3 Benefits Of Being Dominated By A TS

If handcuffs, ropes, and whips are your thing, then you know that this won’t actually do without having a partner that’s equally into ts domination as you are. If you want to try something new though and have an experience that’s more intriguing than regular BDSM, then trying it with a TS is the way to go. Here are some benefits of doing so.

A Kinkier Experience

One of pros of being dominated by a TS is that he/she will dress sluttier, yet in a positive way. If you want, they’ll pick the outfit and dress with a man’s eye for what looks good. As a result, the whole experience will be that much more exciting.

Rougher sex

If you’re into rough sex and we’re talking about a male transitioning to a female, then there’s a good chance the sex may be a bit rougher. In fact, you can even request him/her to be rougher on you and he/she will be happy to comply. Talk about going the whole nine yards.

Getting dominated just got more exciting

If you’ve never been dominated by a male that transitioned to a female, then you cannot understand how powerful this feels. The experience is potentiated even more by the fact that while he’s a woman, he’s also a man at the same time and that makes the whole experience that much more interesting and exciting.

If you’re deep into ts domination and want to experience something you’ll return again and again, then this is it. Being dominated by a transsexual is an experience that’s hardly ever outshined by another sexual act in terms of intensity and uniqueness.